Did you know that back before the industrialization of skin ad body care products potatoes were often used to sooth skin irritations and troubles much like we still use oats today? Kids got poison ivy? Boil up a pot of potatoes for dinner, and soak the wee one in the left over starchy water once the spuds are done (and the water had cooled to a reasonable temperature, of course!). Potatoes still offer a wealth of benefits to our skin, and we are fortunate to have a friend in Stargazy, a local British Pie & Mash shop that doesn't mind piling up the peels for us to use! Blended with rosemary and chamomile for an uplifting and de-stressing mash up that will have you peeling your clothes off!


Ingredients: Saponified fats/oils (tallow, coconut, olive, castor), essential oil (rosemary), goats milk, clay (bentonite, French green), potato peels, spirulina, chamomile flowers

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