One of the most invigorating and elevating smells is that of a campfire, and that is exactly what we’ve tried to capture in this bar of smokey delight. Birch tar and fir needle essential oils harbor antiseptic and disinfectant properties in addition to their earthy, woodland scents, and it’s purported that activated charcoal has beneficial purifying qualities all on its own. Add to this Kaiwe and Red Alder smoked sea salts, along with birch tar chips for exfoliation, and you have a soap that evokes the quintessential, rugged, campfire scent...all while showering in your sparkly and modern loft bathroom. 


Ingredients: Saponified oils/fats (tallow, olive, coconut, castor), goats milk, salt (kiawe, red alder), essential oil (fir needle, birch tar), clay (bentonite, kaolin), activated charcoal

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