No, it's not the launch of the newest twist on the new to die for Grande Triple Flat White Mocha at your on-every-corner coffee behemoth (but seriously, do they even sell actual, basic coffee anymore?!), but it IS the newest piece of relaxing luxury your pavement pounding, ladder climbing, hustling hottness has been searching for! Lavender essential oils blend harmoniously with marshmallow leaf and root (no silly, still not those sugar laden monstrous clouds of white puffy guilt! The plant!) for an uber calming bar that, thanks to the inclusion of marshmallow, helps hydrate your skin while improving its ability to retail moisture, while activated charcoal helps draw impurities (*cough* like that cloud of car exhaust you were enveloped in on this mornings commute) out.   *Sigh*, sometimes it's good to be a basic B.

Ingredients: Saponified oils/fats (olive, coconut, castor, lard), goats milk, pink Himalayan sea salt , essential oil (lavender ), clay (bentonite, kaolin), lavender flowers,  marshmallow leaves/root, alkanet root, activated charcoal

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