Orange Cinnamon Chai

Sometimes after a late night mission to destroy a work of public art you find yourself chilled to the bone needing to relax. That's where this bevy of warmth and comfort finds its place in your adrenaline pumping heart.  Cinnamon,  along with the black tea and various other spices in our Chai blend, combine to offer an array of skin soothing benefits. It provides increased circulation, and antiseptic qualities to help cleanse any small cuts and scrapes you may have acquired. They even give acne a run for the money. Orange essential oil is purported to have sultry sedative and aphrodisiac properties, Obviously, this bar the perfect companion for a late night (or wee early morning hour) scrub down right before innocently hopping in bed with your mate (or pup) who’s giving you the guilty “where have you been all night” gaze.

80% cacao